Sankara Nethralaya Eye Hospital

Sankara Nethralaya Hospital-Number one hospital in India

Sankara Nathralaya Hospital #1 rank eye hospital in India(Chennai).  Established in 1978, Sankara Nethralaya is renowned for its comprehensive eye care services, advanced medical technology, and highly skilled professionals. The hospital provides a wide range of treatments, including cataract surgery, corneal transplants, and retinal care, and has a strong focus on research and community service

Sankara Nathralaya Hospital run by the behest of His Holiness, Dr. Sengamedu Srinivasa Badrinath along with a group of philanthropists established a charitable, non-profit eye hospital. This is a hospital that will provide world-class eye care to the people of India.

Outlook Health ranks Sankara Nethralaya as No. 1 Eye Hospital – All India Sankara Nethralaya is proud to be ranked No. 1 eye hospital in India by Outlook Health. In the name “Sankara Nethralaya”, “Sankara” is a reference to Lord Shiva and “Nethralaya” means “Temple of the Eye”. Sankara Nethralaya has more than 1000 employees and serves around 1500 patients daily and performs more than 100 surgeries daily. The annual revenue is close to US$100 million according to taxes.

Owner On the orders of His Holiness, Dr. Sengamedu Srinivasa Badrinath along with a group of philanthropists founded a charitable, non-profit eye hospital. It was a hospital that would provide world-class eye care to the people of India. Sankara Nethralaya, established in 1976 by Dr. S. S. Badrinath in Chennai, started as a modest clinic with the mission to offer high-quality, affordable eye care. It rapidly evolved into a world-renowned ophthalmic hospital and research center. Named “The Temple of the Eye,” it provides comprehensive eye care services, engages in cutting-edge research, and offers extensive training programs for eye care professionals.

The main branch of Sankara Nethralaya is in Chennai. Badrinath founded Sankara Netralaya as a unit of the Medical Research Foundation. The institute became a symbol of the progress of modern medicine, including medical education and cutting-edge research as well as patient care.

Sankara Netralaya Eye Hospital & Research Centre is an eye hospital and is a specialist in such cases, so they will definitely be able to help you.  Over the decades, Sankara Nethralaya has treated millions of patients, regardless of their financial status, and has significantly contributed to advancements in ophthalmology and eye health.

Sankara Netralaya is free- Jaslok Community Eye Care Centre at Sankara Netralaya provides free services to those whose family income is less than Rs. 12,000 per month.

Toll free number of Sankara Netralaya Chennai- Plan/schedule your visit to Sankara Netralaya only after confirmation of your appointment from our side. For more information on appointments please call 044-42271500, 044-28271616 (8 AM to 7 PM).

Sankara Netralaya in Bangalore or Chennai- Sankara Netralaya is a non-profit missionary institution for eye care headquartered in Chennai, India.

Sankara Netralaya Chennai is on weekly holidays- There out-patient services operate on all days except Sundays and festival holidays. Emergency services are available 24 hours a day on all days throughout the year at our main hospital, located at No. 41 (Old 18), College Road, Chennai 600 006.

Get free treatment at Sankara Nethralaya Chennai- Jaslok Community Eye Centre at Sankara Nethralaya provides free services to people whose family income is less than Rs. 12,000/- per month. 1992-1995: Camps were organised with the help of NGOs, especially Tulsi Trust. 1995-1997: An entire floor in the Mahyco Block was dedicated to community services.

Sankara Nethralaya is private or government- Sankarara Nathralaya Hospital is the Non-govt hospital. As a non-profit service organization under the Sri Kanchi Sankara Health and Educational Foundation, Nethralaya is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art ophthalmological services and postgraduate training throughout the Northeast.

Salary in Sankara eye hospital- Average annual salary in Sankara Eye Hospital , Bangalore / Bengaluru is INR 5.2 lakhs .

Appointment and Toll free number at Sankara Nethralaya- Plan/schedule your visit to Sankara Nethralaya only after we confirm your appointment. For more information on appointments please call 044-42271500, 044-28271616 (8 AM to 7 PM).

Famous doctor in Sankara Nethralaya Hospital- Doctors List

• Dr. Mahesha S – MBBS, DOMS, DNB (Chief Medical Officer, Cataract & Trauma)

• Dr. Mallikarjun M H – MBBS, DO, DNB (Cornea & Refractive Surgery)

• Dr.Rajashekar J – MBBS,DOMS,DNB,FCRS (Cornea)

• Dr.Roopasree B V – MBBS, DOMS,DNB,FCMS (Cornea)

• Dr.Pradeep Sagar B K – MBBS,MD,FVRS (Vitreo Retina)

• Dr. Jyotirmay Biswas. Ophthalmologist MBBS, MS, FNAMS

• Dr.T.S. Surendran. Pediatric Ophthalmologist. MBBS, MS (Ophthalmology), M

• Dr. Pramod S Bhende. Ophthalmologist

• Dr.S. Ambika. Neuro Ophthalmologist

• Dr. Ronnie Jacob George

• Dr. Tarun Sharma

• Dr. Aditya Verma

• Dr. Sumita Agarkar

LV Prasad or Sankara Nethralaya- Sankara Nethralaya is ranked first in providing eye care, followed by AIIMS, LV Prasad Eye Institute, Aravind Eye Hospital and Apollo Hospitals. The eye specialists at Sankara Nethralaya are excellent.

Cost of retinal detachment surgery in Chennai- However, the average cost of retinal detachment surgery in Chennai is typically around ₹60,000 to ₹70,000.

Surgery cost in sankara nethralaya- Sankara nethralaya will do low cost cataract surgery for poor people. They do cataract surgery for others costing Rs 25,000 upwards depending on the lens which replaces the natural lens which has become opaque.

Address- No. 18, College Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai – 600006, Tamil Nadu, India.

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